Training and Transformation

OUTBOUND - Games and Simulations

  • Icebreaking and Warming Up
    • Setting the ball rolling
    • Members become comfortable with each other
    • Facilitator tries to come closer to the members
    • Helps people learn more about each other
    • Breaks barriers between the group members
  • Problem Solving Activities aimed at improving
    • Communication
    • Co-ordination
    • Co-operation
    • Inter Personal Skills
    • Tolerance and Patience
  • Trust Building Activities and Group Trust Activities

    Need Trust

    • That their failures would not be mocked
    • That their efforts would be cheered
    • That the other group members will accept them and their contributions
    • That their fellow participants will protect them from emotional and physical harm

    Build Trust

    • Can build an unbelievably high feeling of trust and reliance among the group members
    • Can bring a group closer and remove impediments between each other
  • Group Work Activities
    • Listening Skills
    • Observation Skills
    • Ability to show customer concern
    • Objection handling
    • Improving customer feedback
    • Good client relations
  • Initiative Activities
    • Use both brain and the body muscles
    • Use the different strengths that exist in all groups
    • Seek solution to the problem only through group effort
    • Ensure each member´┐Żs role is crucial

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