Strive Solutions Pvt Ltd was founded by Dr. Sanjeev Trivedi in March 2002 with an objective of bringing a qualitative change in the individuals, organizations and institutions so as to help them becoming not only globally competitive but resulting in stupendous growth.

To create a win-win situation it is essential that the resources are evenly divided among the connecting units, working towards a common goal, whether it is an organization, an institution or a family. It is also extremely important to improve individual’s participation in decision making and thereby narrowing the difference between the thinker and the doer.

Irrespective of industry, size or strength the time tested methods create impact that take the people and organization to newer heights with improved teamwork and innovative approach. All programs are customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Every program delivers measurable results and value for the investment made. Knowledge not only provide fresh new perspective but also proves to be motivating. Most participants appreciate and value the organisation's efforts to infuse enhancement in their competencies and aptitude.