About Sanjeev

With more than three decades of exposure in the corporate world, Sanjeev has had the privilege to understand human behaviour and capture the influence of continuous learning.

The hands-on, managerial and strategic experience coupled with his ability to apprehend human behaviour, communication and personality through Transactional Analysis has made him contribute phenomenally to the growth and success of individuals, organizations and institutions.

Sanjeev strongly believes that relationships and particularly family plays a crucial role in quality of the motivational inputs available to an individual. People have varying ways to utilize the available motivational contributions and for taking the best of what is available one has to start learning about the self first.

His polite yet powerful style of communication and transaction has been widely acclaimed.

He is a visiting faculty with Ahmedabad Management Association, Institute of Management at Nirma University and Childage Foundation.


Sanjeev has a Ph.D. in Management - Organizational Development, in addition to his masters in Chemistry and Management. His keen interest in a variety of subjects has resulted in an articulate and versatile persona.

Other Interests

Sanjeev is an avid reader and his all time favourite is Ayn Rand, whose philosophy of Objectivism made a lasting impression from the college days. His other favourites include Kahlil Gibran, Franz Kafka and the fiction authors John Grisham and Dan Brown.

Through his deep knowledge of the occults like Vedic Astrology, Tarot, Vaastu and Numerology Sanjeev has touched the lives of innumerable people in last twenty five years, who have utmost regard for his observations and predictions.