Family Business Governance

More & more traditional Indian companies are getting globally competitive and the business acumen for many seasoned entrepreneurs is second to none in the world. However, one thing that separates business houses in developing countries than those in developed countries is the way business is run.

Today, majority of fast growing companies are family run, therefore, it is extremely important to have a modern, logical and organized approach for the governance of family business rather than leaving it to chance.

Growth in business and family happen together. In absence of clarity in areas like family constitution, business controls, cross share holdings, succession planning, both the future growth of the business and happiness of the family may be jeopardized.

Dr. Sanjeev Trivedi guides you to preserve the potential growth of family business and also the continuation of the family togetherness and harmony. 

World of Partnerships

Partnerships are formed with an aim to pool talent and resources for building up a rewarding business. While some partnerships fail and some flourish, most others result into a situation where partners feel frustrated and trapped. There seems no way out and the partners start hoping for a miracle to happen. We provide complete solutions to all the stages or situations that may be prevailing in a business which is in partnership between family or non-family members.